Make it happen - For individuals who always wanted to make their own films to finally turn their ideas into a reality.

Learn filmmaking as you create your short film.

If you always had a film idea but did not know where to start, FILMS.SG Program will provide personalized guidance for you based on your project.

You will be shown how to develop and craft your great story idea into a script followed by all the necessary preparation during pre production. You will then be guided throughout production where you will execute your idea before learning how to put all the pieces together in postproduction.

Upon completion, your project will receive the opportunity to be showcased and launch your film on FILMS.SG where you can share your film with the community.


FILMS.SG wants to help you make your next film.

If you are interested to participate, feel free to DM on Instagram to show your interest.

Join the program and bring your film to life.